In today’s dairy industry, maintaining precise temperatures is extremely important when it comes to ensuring product quality and consumer safety. Luckily, advancements in milk cooling technology have provided a solution to this problem that modern dairy farms often face: glycol milk chilling systems.

Importance of Glycol Milk Cooling Systems

Glycol cooling systems are an integral part of the milk chilling plant process. In the dairy farming industry, these systems are used for cooling milk after pasteurization by capturing and releasing heat. Glycol chillers work fast, keeping temperature and bacteria growth under control 24/7.

In addition, glycol chillers are also less expensive to install, easier to maintain, and are more reliable than conventional refrigeration systems often used in the industry.

What Temperature Should Milk Be Kept?

Dairy farms are encouraged to cool milk from the initial temperature of 98°F down to 37-38°F. Under no circumstances should the milk ever rise above 45°F. For this reason, it can be extremely beneficial for dairy farmers to utilize dairy bulk milk coolers.

Components of a Dairy Milk Cooling System

Basic cooling systems consist of an air-cooled condenser unit, refrigeration compressor, and refrigerated bulk tank. Your unit can be configured as an air-cooled chiller system or a water-cooled chiller unit depending on standard outdoor temperatures in your region and available space. Additional components are often added to these systems to lower the milk’s temperature before it reaches the milk chiller tank.

  • Refrigeration Heat Recovery (RHR) – An RHR unit makes a cooling system more effective by gathering heat that would otherwise be wasted into the air, and then using it for water heating purposes.
  • Well Water Precoolers – Heat exchangers use well water to chill the milk before it reaches the bulk milk cooling tank. Using a well water precooler can save a dairy farmer up to 60% in milk chiller costs when properly sized.
  • Scroll Compressors – Scroll type compressors have been utilized in the dairy farm industry with impressive results for over 15 years. While they are slightly more expensive than traditional reciprocating compressors, they are 15-20% more efficient and even have fewer moving parts.

Benefits of Bulk Milk Chilling Units from Cold Shot Chillers

Years of working closely with dairy farm professionals has allowed our team to fully understand the importance of the milk chilling process. Here’s what our Cold Shot Chillers have to offer:

  • Reduced Refrigerant Loss – Our chillers work to decrease the loss of refrigerant to the environment, making our units more productive and efficient.
  • Low Energy Output – Our economical solutions reduce energy output, providing you with lower operational costs and increased profitability.
  • On-demand chilling – Extend the shelf life of your milk with lower cooling time and no need for storage tanks.
  • Redundancy Options – We offer a variety of available redundancy options that will keep your milk chilled and operations running smoothly.
  • Easy to Maintain – spend less time on maintenance with the help of easy-to-clean plate & frame heat exchangers.

How Dairy Bulk Milk Chillers Work

Once milk is pumped into refrigerated dairy cooling tanks, the bulk milk cooling tank will initiate process cooling. This allows the machine to efficiently remove any heat from your equipment that was generated during pasteurization. The chiller can precisely cool down the milk to a certain temperature to increase shelf life and ensure safety practices. 

Glycol cooling systems follow a unique process when it comes to chilling milk:

  • The machine funnels milk through stainless steel plate chiller or immersion chiller components.
  • The milk then arrives on the opposite side of the chiller system, where a glycol/water mixture awaits.
  • The glycol/water mixture quickly cools the milk to the desired temperature.

Cold Shot Chillers Has Comprehensive Dairy Farm Cooling Solutions

If you’re in need of cooling solutions to keep your milk vat refrigeration operations running smoothly, look no further. Quickly find information about our industrial chiller specifications on our website, or use our free chiller capacity calculator to get an idea of the size of unit you need.

Cold Shot Chillers is a leading industrial chiller manufacturer in Houston, Texas with 30+ years of industry experience. Our knowledgeable team consistently delivers the very best industrial cooling options to clients in a wide range of industries, including milk cooling equipment.

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