How much clearance do I need around the chiller?

On air-cooled chillers, the typical distance around the chiller is three feet to allow for routine service and permit air to be pulled into the condenser area. Above the unit, the more distance above, the better. For all systems, up to four feet may be needed for maintenance, service, and electrical access clearance.

Can the chiller be mounted to the roof?

Yes, a chiller may be mounted on weight bearing roofs if properly engineered. Always consult a licensed engineering company to verify the application. Provide the company with system dimensions, weight (empty and full), and electrical and fluid connection point details.

How far away can the chiller be from my process?

Typical Cold Shot Chillers’ systems are designed for approximately 50 ft from the process. Variables that affect the distance are piping diameter and type, maximum flow rate needed, and fluid type. Changes to the chiller or the distribution system can be made to increase the distance.

Can I shut the chiller off at the end of the shift?

All Cold Shot Chillers’ systems can be turned off but the main disconnects must be on to keep the compressor crankcase heaters energized. To reduce energy use, turning off the chiller when there is no demand is beneficial.

How is your new chiller tested?

After assembly, each chiller is individually tested at full load, for proper operation of all functions, including every safety device. Only after all systems have been tested for leaks, mechanical issues, and operations, is it finally removed from testing and sent to shipping for delivery.

How is your chiller prepped for shipment?

When the chiller arrives in shipping area, any final cleanup and assembly of panels is done. The system is cleaned, packaged, and marked for shipping.

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