Standard and Custom Laser Chillers

The process of operating an industrial laser involves the conversion of electrical energy into light of an equal wavelength and phase using assist gases (mixtures of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and helium). This procedure generates significant amounts of heat which may be detrimental to the manufacturing processes where the laser beams are used. Heat-sensitive industrial processes will yield altered or poor-quality products if the thermal conditions are not regulated properly.

An effective solution to containing the heat generated by laser use involves the use of specialized laser chillers to cool the manufacturing processes. In this article, we consider how industrial laser chillers contribute to the optimization of laser cutting, welding, and soldering processes.

Cold Shot Laser Chillers Maximize Service Lifetime

At Cold Shot Chillers, our team manufactures a broad range of chiller units that can be used to properly cool industrial lasers. These chillers assist the laser processes by eliminating heat from cutting and welding procedures where overheating might damage critical components of the laser cutting system.

How Industrial Laser Chillers Work

The typical laser water chiller systems are recirculating units that actively channel coolant between the process laser tube and an active refrigeration unit. Laser water chiller manufacturers usually offer units with capacities between 600 watts to several kW.

Considerations When Purchasing a Laser Chiller

The key factors to consider when purchasing a laser water chiller are:

  • Laser power rating vs. chiller size
  • Cost of installation and purchase
  • Unique Cooling requirements
  • Presence of additional features

Laser Power Rating vs. Chiller Sizing

By convention, the higher the power rating of an industrial laser, the larger capacity of chiller required. Larger chiller units will be required to efficiently cool more the powerful lasers.

Cost of Installation and Purchase

While this isn’t much of a deciding factor for operators of high-powered lasers as it constitutes only a small fraction of the total cost of the laser, it represents a large portion of expenditure on low-power laser units where air cooling might be the more cost-effective option.

Unique Cooling Requirements

A measure of the amount of heat generated by a laser working optimally is its heat load. Industrial operators need to select a chiller unit that can efficiently dissipate the heat load generated by their unique laser unit.

Presence of Additional Features

Most laser chiller manufacturers offer optional safety and control features which make chiller operation more reliable. Potential clients must evaluate these additional features in deciding the chiller option that best suits their laser systems.

Importance of Heat Regulation in Laser Cutting Process

The need to stabilize the thermal conditions within a laser cutting system cannot be overemphasized. Important benefits of efficiently dissipating heat generated by a laser cutter include:

  • Cleaner cuts on metal sheets or silicon wafers
  • Protection of heat-sensitive laser components.

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At Cold Shot Chillers, we engineer and produce high-quality process chillers compatible with a broad range of industrial processes. Depending on your needs, we also offer custom chillers to ensure that each client receives the industrial chiller best suited to their unique process. 
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