Floral Chillers

The commercial preparation and sale of cut flowers have evolved with more emphasis being placed on proper storage and bloom preservation techniques.

Cold Shot Chillers® manufactures the best chillers for wholesale florists helping to keep floral temperatures at optimal levels for preserving flowers longest!

What Is a Floral Chiller?

Floral chillers are cooling units that help keep cut flowers at the right temperature levels for effective preservation. To effectively regulate flower storage temperatures, flower chillers must cool not only the ambient air around the cut plants but also the hydration fluids in which they are transported.

Depending on requirements, flower chiller systems can be custom built to suit various purposes including wholesale storage and transport.

Effect of Temperature on Cut Flowers

While various factors determine the shelf-life of cut flowers, storage and transport temperatures are critical to ensuring flowers retain their freshness for the longest possible period. The effect of varying temperatures on floral blooms is species dependent. While some blooms are susceptible to cold thermal conditions, the majority will deteriorate when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Increases in the temperature at which cut flowers are stored are closely related to a higher rate of respiration. Also, respiratory processes in cut flowers account for a degree rise in ambient temperature per hour, thus setting up a worsening heat-respiration cycle resulting in rapid aging of the cut flowers.

Storing or transporting cut flowering plants using Cold Shot Chillers® flower chiller units will slow this harmful process by maintaining optimal ambient and transport water temperatures.     

Applications of Chillers for Wholesale Florists

Chillers for wholesale florists are built to either cool the air around the cut flowers or the water in which their roots will be immersed before storage or transport. These methods of temperature regulation ensure plant respiration and hydration are tightly regulated to ensure floral longevity.

The key components vital to effective floral chiller operation are described below.

Ambient Air Cooling

These chiller units pull air through closely packed cut flowers helping to maintain optimal temperatures and eliminate excess heat generated by their respiratory processes. For the most effective cooling results, forced air cooling of cut flowers should be done shortly after harvest with minimal delays.

Cooling for Hydration Water

Freshly cut flowers will rapidly undergo water loss if measures are not taken to keep them from drying out. While hydrating cut plants, care should be taken to ensure the water is kept at ideal temperatures (most chillers for flower wholesalers supply water at temperatures between 33-37°F) that will retain floral freshness for longest.

Cold Shot Chillers® provides top quality cooling options for cut flowers. Typically, floral chillers are comprised of large holding tanks that supply chilled water to vats that hold flowers.

Flower Chiller Specifications

Flower-growing chiller requirements vary depending on the species and volumes of flowers a florist routinely processes. Generally, florists tend to favor custom-built industrial chillers, as they can be modified to suit unique floral preservation needs.

Cold Shot Chillers Can Meet Your Wholesale Flower Chilling Needs

In over three decades of existence, Cold Shot Chillers® has manufactured and delivered the very best industrial cooling options to its clients. Built using high-quality components, our floral chillers are designed to satisfy all commercial flower processing needs.

An air-cooled chiller from Cold Shot is the best decision wholesale florists can make as they provide cooling solutions built to individual client requests. Typically, the chillers for flower wholesalers are built in sizes ranging from 2-100 tons.

If you’re interested in learning more about our flower chiller systems, please contact us online to request a quote today!

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