Chillers are used for applications where regulation of process temperatures is essential. Certain industries require chillers for the extraction of CO2. Cold Shot Chillers offer a variety of chillers designed to ease the CO2 extraction process.

Our extraction chillers have been optimized with advanced temperature control technology and chiller monitoring systems, ensuring optimum reliability in temperature regulation and small- to large-scale cooling.

CBD Extraction Methods

Temperature control is vital in the process of cannabis extraction. Cannabis can be damaged when not appropriately managed, and proportional cooling is required to keep the plants in good condition during the extraction process.

COchiller manufacturers must provide units that deliver the adequate temperature (below freezing) required to extract the cannabinoids properly. The most common methods for CBD extraction are solvent, ice water, and CO2 extraction.

Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction uses alcohols such as ethanol and butane for the extraction of CBD. It is a cost-effective and relatively simple method of extraction. However, it is potentially dangerous due to the flammability of alcohol.

This method involves soaking the plant material, e.g., flowers and trimmings, in a special solvent that causes it to dissolve. This results in the extraction of chlorophyll alongside CBD, which causes the product to have a bitter taste.

The solvent extraction method is not the safest, as the residue can quickly become toxic if it is not exhausted during the process.

Ice Water Extraction

Ice water is used for the extraction of CBD in this process. The resulting product is a powdery resin extract referred to as “hash.” In this process, plant trimmings are mixed with ice, and then water is added to the ice and trimmings before the product is strained through a bag. The extracts are found at the bottom of the mixture. This process should undergo several iterations for the best results.


The COmethod is the most advanced and reliable form of CBD extraction. However, it is complex when compared to other methods. Nonetheless, many producers are willing to invest in this method because it produces a final product free of contaminants when executed properly.

The COextraction process is carried out using a closed-loop extractor. Closed-loop extractors comprise three chambers with different functions. The first chamber holds CO2 in solid form, the second retains the leaves and other plant material, while the third is used to separate the products.

COfrom the first chamber is released into the second, which helps to separate the CBD before going into the last chamber where CO2 rises, and the cannabinoid is left at the bottom.

How CO2 Extraction works

In recent years, a lot of interest has grown in understanding how CO2 extraction works. The process is typically carried out by running a liquid solvent through the plant material. During the process, maintaining a stable temperature is necessary to preserve non-psycho-active precursors (such as THC-A and CBD-A).

Using Extraction Chillers for Cannabis Extraction

Chillers are very useful in the CO2 marijuana extraction and CBD process because marijuana extract is sensitive to temperature. For CO2 to be delivered into the liquid, chillers can be used to cool the COto an adequate condensation temperature. The liquid CO2 is then run over the plant material, subsequently yielding cannabis.

Cold Shot’s extraction chillers are reliably designed to help you with this process, providing high-efficiency cooling and temperature regulation.

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