Stationary & Portable Central Water Cooled Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® is a custom manufacturer of water-cooled central chillers. Our many years of experience and knowledge allows us to custom build chillers for any industry and to any application. We are in Houston, Texas and are committed to offering the most ruggedly dependable products manufactured with only high grade components.

Stationary Water-Cooled Central Chillers

The term, “central stationary water-cooled chiller,” refers to any system that can cool several processes throughout a plant at the same time. The main component is a stand-alone chiller unit that must be connected by piping to a pump and a separate reservoir to function.

This system will typically have separate controls for the chiller and the pump or pumps, with an electrical connection for each component. The controls should ideally be wired together, to prevent the chiller from cooling until the circulating pump is operating. We offer stationary water-cooled chillers with a capacity ranging from 2 tons to 250 tons.

Portable Water-Cooled Central Chillers

The term “portable central water-cooled chiller” refers to the basic configuration of the system, not to its mobility. Most portable chiller units will never be moved once installed. The term refers to any chiller system that contains all the necessary components – the refrigeration circuit, the reservoir, and the pump or pumps – within a single footprint.

The controls of a central portable chiller unit are integrated to include all motor starters and require a single point electrical connection. The standard Cold Shot Chillers® product offering includes central portable water cooled chillers ranging from 2 to 100 tons in capacity.

Our Central Water-Cooled Chillers Come with Expert Support

The staff at Cold Shot Chillers® is highly trained and dedicated. Your initial call to us will be answered by a staff member after the first ring, as a voicemail system is not part of our customer service. We excel in our customer service program and will continue to implement the importance of one on one conversation concerning your needs.

At Cold Shot Chillers®, we proudly offer a completely detailed proposal in 30 minutes. Our highly trained technical support team is available 24 hours to assist you with any questions you may have. Call us or fill out the form below today so we can assist you with any applications needed for central stationary water-cooled chillers.

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