Standard, Reverse & Continuous Flow Portable Air Cooled Chillers

The term “portable air-cooled chiller” refers to the basic configuration of the system, not to its mobility. Most portable chiller units will never be moved once installed. The term refers to any chiller system that contains all the necessary components – the refrigeration circuit, the reservoir, and the pump or pumps – within a single footprint.

The controls of a portable air-cooled chiller unit are integrated to include all motor starters and require a single point electrical connection. All chillers are PLC controlled equipped with self-diagnostics and WIFI/LAN/LTE connectivity for the Cold Shot Chillers® predictive maintenance Guardian™ app providing email/text notifications for predictive maintenance milestones, technical alarms, fault codes and alerts to nearly eliminate downtime.

The standard Cold Shot Chillers® product offering includes portable chillers ranging from 2 to 100 tons in capacity.

Portable Air Cooled Chiller – Standard Flow

A “standard flow” chiller system has an integrated tank. It’s used in a closed loop cooling application where all the water pumped from the chiller returns to the main unit under the pressure generated by the pump.

Portable Air Cooled Chiller – Reversal Flow

A “reverse flow” portable chiller does not include a tank. It’s a component in an open loop cooling application where an external tank or trough is used. The water in this tank or trough is gravity fed into the chiller pump, through the chiller and filter, and back to the process or to the tank or trough.

Portable Air Cooled Chillers – Continuous Flow

Continuous feed portable chiller units cool a fluid source on a single pass. Chillers are typically equipped with a pump, a tank and a secondary heat exchanger and filter.

Chiller Options and Specifications

Ask about our Cold Shot Chillers® predictive maintenance Guardian™ app. This tool provides email/text notifications for predictive maintenance milestones, technical alarms, fault codes and alerts to nearly eliminate downtime for all our Stationary Air-Cooled Chillers.


  • PLC controlled with self-diagnostics, WIFI/LAN/LTE connectivity for predictive maintenance
  • Copeland Scroll
  • Stainless Steel/Copper Braze Plate
  • External Brass Service Valves
  • Large Copper Condensing Coil with Aluminum Fins or Micro Channel
  • Powder Coated, Heavy Gauge, Steel Cabinet
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps
  • Oversized Magnetic Contactors


  • Long Life – Dependable – Economical to Operate
  • Compact Efficiency
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair
  • Rugged Protection while allowing for easy maintenance and wash down
  • High Flow – Long Life – Dependable
  • Rugged Dependability – Long Life
  • Lifetime Warranty

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