Stationary & Portable Central Air Cooled Chillers

The term “central air-cooled chiller” refers to any central chiller system that can cool several processes throughout a plant at the same time. A central chiller plant can be stationary or portable. The system requires a reservoir, pump, or pumps to distribute the water or coolant to the processes. The standard Cold Shot Chillers® product offering includes central chillers ranging from 2 to 250 tons in capacity.

To provide the extra level of dependability for all central chiller systems, the Cold Shot Guardian™ predictive maintenance monitoring app notifies operations and maintenance of operational inconsistencies prior to failure.

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Why Choose Central Air-Cooled Chillers from Cold Shot?

Leading the chiller unit manufacturing industry, Cold Shot Chillers® provides flexible cooling solutions for all industries using high quality components. Located in Houston, Texas, we have been designing and manufacturing central stationary air-cooled chillers since the 1970’s. Our expert sales and engineering teams can assist you with existing applications or custom design a chiller unit that is needed for a new application. At Cold Shot Chillers®, we proudly offer a complete and detailed quote within 30 minutes.

The controls for our Central air-cooled chillers are integrated to include all motor starters and require a single point electrical connection. All chillers are PLC controlled equipped with self-diagnostics and WIFI/LAN/LTE connectivity for the Cold Shot Chillers® predictive maintenance Guardian™ app providing email/text notifications for predictive maintenance milestones, technical alarms, fault codes and alerts to nearly eliminate downtime.

What Makes Your Central Chiller Units “Air-Cooled?”

An air-cooled chiller refers to a chiller system that uses the ambient air surrounding the condensing unit to cool and condense the refrigerant back into a liquid. The term “portable” is not referring to its mobility, but to the basic configuration of the system. Normally, once installed, the portable chiller unit is never moved. This term describes any chiller system that contains the refrigeration circuit, the reservoir and the pump or pumps, all necessary components.

A central chiller is referred to as any chiller used to cool several processes. The chiller can be either water or air-cooled and have a stationary or portable configuration.

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